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Far Infrared Amethyst, Biophoton Thermal Stone Therapy Pad

Product Description

【High Quality Amethyst】The entire cushion is made of jewelry-grade natural amethyst. Crushed and polished 3-8mm stones are secured with durable heat-resistant mesh fabric. Can fully release and absorb energy from nature

【Adjustable Temperature】30-70°C (86 to 158°F) temperature is adjustable. You can always choose the most suitable temperature. And ultra-long wave is available. Time can be selected within 4/8/12 hours

【relief the pain】
The Heated Amethyst Mattress is ideal for rest, yoga meditation, massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, naturopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic and other important activities. Great for relaxation, skin, collagen synthesis, bones, nerves, joints, tendons comfort and rejuvenation, and maintaining optimal body strength.

【Enhance immunity】
The mat wraps your body in soothing and relaxing warmth. It creates an energizing environment that is important for a good night's sleep, enhancing the body's ability to heal, maintaining optimal weight, immunity, circulation, metabolism, good shape and mood at any age

Product specifications

Material: Amethyst
Color: Purple
Weight: 12 kg
Size: 180 * 80 cm
Time: 4/8/12 hours optional
Temperature: 30-70 degrees Celsius
Features: Ultra long waves
Feature 1: Amethyst
Feature 2: Infrared negative ions
Feature 3: Phototherapy
Feature 4: Relieve systemic pain



Far Infrared Amethyst, Biophoton Thermal Stone Therapy Pad

SKU: US Plug
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